Why Dell computers are really good? And whats are the best Dell laptops right now?

I personally just use Dell laptops for my work and for my personal life.

Dell makes some excellent Laptops and they quality of their laptops seems to continue to improve.

For example, in 2015 Dell earned “First Place” in innovation.

Value seems to key when it pertains to Dell Laptops. The computers provide excellent services and for the most part the products are reasonably priced. One of the most important features is that Dell has an excellent technical support staff. Customers can access on line technical support through instant chat 24/7. Therefore, many questions or problems can be solved quickly and accurately.

Dell offers some of the best quality audio that one can possibly hope for. In addition, Dell offers users the ability to customize almost any component directly within minutes.

Here is a few from the best Dell laptop models:

Dell XPS 13

Dell offers an excellent Notebook. The XPS-13 Notebook has an array of features that enable users to do almost anything on their Laptop computer any time of the night or day.

The Dell XPS-13 is a brand new Laptop with an added feature which most people find exceptional. The New XPS-13 has a new customized back lighting which offers users so many advantages. In addition, the keyboard design has a great feel and allows for accuracy and efficency. Accuracy and efficiency are two things that customers place a great deal of emphasis upon.

The customized back lighting turned out to be a key selling feature with the Dell XPS-13 Laptop. Dell is one of the few computer companies to offer the customized back lighting upgrade feature.

Dell Chromebook 11

Customers are more than satisfied with the Dell Chromebook-11.

Dell Inspiron

The Dell Inspiron is now designed with extra bright displays at 274 nits. In addition, a key feature is the large touch pads.

The large touch pads are a major improvement and it is a definite selling point with the Dell Inspiron.

Also Inspiron models are really great for people whom want to buy cheaper computers, not the flagship laptops.

That’s why its ideal for college students also!

Dell has earned a reputation of excellence in a competitive market.

Keep on mind, a trained tech specialist or customer service representative is available to assist with problem solving or ticket issues.

Dell is always coming out with new and improved features that seem to make a big difference within the world of computer excellence.

Anyway the Dell laptops (and computers also) worth their price, and superior deals. If you want to buy a new laptop do not be afraid to choose a dell laptop 🙂

Our source for the selected computer was this video which is contains the best dell laptops on the market right now:

Click for the links or watch the video here

Dell laptops for gaming?


Dell makes extraordinary gaming laptops under the Alienware brand.

The Alienware one of the greatest innovation was to allows the users to add a GPU Amplifier for their laptops.

This is basically speed-up your laptop’s graphic performance.

Since then GPU Amplifiers have become increasingly popular and are used more frequently with Laptop computers.

We bought a free standing hammock :)

I know I did not post anything in the last approximately 6 months, sorry for that I was very busy and I had always something to do with my family, around the house and so on. I truly apologize for that, now I decided to start to write again. I will try to post in every two weeks, I hope I will find the right time for that J

Let me share you my newest story:

As the summer is coming and the weather is getting better from day to day I decided to buy some kind of patio furniture into our garden.

I started to look around online in order to find something which can be good for me and my family.

Firstly I was searching for outdoor chairs and tables but after many hours of browsing somehow I found myself on the HammockExpertwebsite.

On this cool website there can be found many different kinds of hammocks. Previously I did not think about hammocks as garden furnitures but after that I read many information about them I had to change the way I looked for them.

I known that hammocks have a really cool attitude and I known that they are comfortable but I have never thought that it is possible to choose from many different types of them. This website collected a wide range of hammocks which are available on the market. There can be found different kind of free standing hammocks, hammock chairs and simple old school hammocks what we can hang on trees.

Due to we have not got any strong trees in our backyard I could not choose a simple hammock because I can not hang up them anywhere.

So finally we bought a really cool free standing hammock for a very great price. And the best thing is that we can use it together at the same time because it is very strong and it can hold a lot of weight.

Here you can see:


I am so happy that we found an amazing garden furniture like this!

If you are searching for a great free standing hammock I think you should visit the Hammock Expert website!

I choose the best gaming monitor with a great help

I am a big gamer. Everybody knows this about me, and I play quite often so when I change my monitor I really need the best game oriented monitor.

But nowdays the manufacturers has very wide model range so not easy to choose the best one.

First I browsing the Amazon and read all of the reviews but I realize this is not the best selection process and also not so professional way to choose the best one for me.

Fortunately I found a website which was really great help to me.

The best gaming monitor website fit all my needs – the reviews from professional players and not like any other gameing monitor related website which recommend the most expensive models..

Best Gaming Monitor Asus VG248QE
Best Gaming Monitor Asus VG248QE

All I know was I need a monitor which has 144 hz refresh rate that why I Choose the Asus VG248QE modell. My graphic card has really high perfomance and I want to take advantage of this. 🙂

But without a good monitor which has high refresh rate and resolution it is impossible.

Since I got my new monitor I use a lot. I am really satisfied with it and the gaming is really better since then.

I recommend the website I think it will be a good help for my readers too!

Do not forget to tell me in any way what is your opinion about the website!

A great surprise for my kid: dinosaur backpack

Are you looking for the best dinosaur backpack on the internet?

Would you like to buy a new backpack for your child as a surprise?

If yes, I would like to suggest you an awesome website which collected the best dinosaurs backpacks for kids!


When they made the selection they focused on many different factors which can be very important when you try to find the best choice! They took into account the size, the quality and functionality but also the price.

All dinosaur bags on their site made from good materials so they are very durable and rugged. You can find cute pieces for little kids but there are also very cool and fashionable ones for teenagers and adults as well.

An ideal Dino backpack for a toddler is small and secure, but it provides enough space for little toys. If your child is a dino lover type you can choose for example a plush backpack which can be function as a toy as well.

It can be stated that your child will love it very much and it can her favourite one!

They offer bigger dinosaur bagpacks too which are really cool and unique and they can be use as a schoolbag. These bags are big enough to carry on books and notes so it can be very comfortable when your child has a lots of stuff. Their one of the most popular product is dinosaur backpack with spikes which is really awesome and help your kid to stand out the crowd. But this type of bag can be also good for an adult who likes youthful stuffs!

If you want to choose the greatest dinosaur backpack click the link!

What I hardly figured out: Mini PCI Express SSD

I have a Dell Mini 9 which are really slow nowdays. So I decided I wanna try to speed up, because it really needs to.mini_pci_express_ssd13426

I was some infos about this kind of computer able to accept some kind of SSDs, but I was not sure how or when can I pick up the best one.

I was read a lot of article about new kind of SSDs, but I became more and more certain the new type of SSD with SATA can not be good for my netbook.

Fortunately I found the MiniPcieSSD.com which help a lot for me during the selection process.

Mini Pci-e Express SSD


So here I found my new drive which is the “KingSpec PATA-Mini PCIe MLC SSD 128GB”.

The 128 gb is more than enough for me, but really fast. Exactly what I need! 🙂

So if you has a Dell Mini 9 I really recommend this drive!

This video also helps a lot. Here is the full brief of upgrading:

My New IPS Monitor (Best Display Technology)

Recently I buy a new IPS monitor which I think so much better than my old TN panel display.

The colors is vivid compared to the old one. What kind of monitor do you have? Comment it! 🙂

So I buy this IPS beauty:

Ips Monitor – Dell 24″
Ips Monitor – Dell 24″

I am really satisfied with this display but I just use 2 weeks ago.

You know I use a lot of Photoshop and I need the best color quality.

Fortunately I found BestIPSMonitors.com website which help me a looott!

So if you plan to buy a new monitor, I think the best thing you will buy is an IPS Monitor (The Dell what I buy is actually a really cheap one, maybe in every part of the world is $200-$300)

Anyway pick the best ips monitors with this website and buy a new monitor! 🙂

If you want to find another Dell monitors click here!

Have a good day!