My newborn uncle + Best baby clothes store

Hello Everybody :)

I have a really great news for you guys!

I am very happy to share this great news with you that there is a new family member among us! My sister who is living abroad gave birth for a little baby boy, so today I became an uncle! His name is Jason, he is fully healthy, 3.64 kg and 56 centimeter long. My sister’s husband sent me a photo from their little angel and I am truly amazed by his beauty.

That is the reason why I can not keep it just for myself – I am so proud so I want to share with you this miracle.

Let’s get to know Jason :) On this picture you can see him and his pretty little face! Don’t you think he is really cute?

new baby clothes

Of course he is, I told you!

Because of this event me and my parents decided to visit them for a few days. We discussed that they surely need a few days to get comfortable with this new situation so we will wait a week or two. So I have to wait approximately two weeks from know to hold him in my arms. I can’t wait!!!

But in the meantime I have to buy a really amazing present for him! One of my friend was in the same situation a few months ago and he told me that a funny baby clothes would be a really great present! I do not know anything about baby clothing so I asked her help. Today she sent me a cool website which name is and she also sent me a few tips (what size is suitable for a newborn and so on) so I started to browse ont hat page.

Imagine that I found truly adorable funky baby boy clothes ont hat site.

These baby clothes have awesome slogans on them so I think my sister will appreciate them :)

So I ordered 4 pieces immediately.. :D

They sent me an email that my order will arrive within 3 days so I am very excited!

Here is in the video some adorable baby clothes too:

(if you want to read about children’s clothing sizes read this article here!)

Wish me good luck for the first encounter :)


I choose the best gaming monitor with a great help

I am a big gamer. Everybody knows this about me, and I play quite often so when I change my monitor I really need the best game oriented monitor.

But nowdays the manufacturers has very wide model range so not easy to choose the best one.

First I browsing the Amazon and read all of the reviews but I realize this is not the best selection process and also not so professional way to choose the best one for me.

Fortunately I found a website which was really great help to me.

The best gaming monitor website fit all my needs – the reviews from professional players and not like any other gameing monitor related website which recommend the most expensive models..

Best Gaming Monitor Asus VG248QE

Best Gaming Monitor Asus VG248QE

All I know was I need a monitor which has 144 hz refresh rate that why I Choose the Asus VG248QE modell. My graphic card has really high perfomance and I want to take advantage of this. :)

But without a good monitor which has high refresh rate and resolution it is impossible.

Since I got my new monitor I use a lot. I am really satisfied with it and the gaming is really better since then.

I recommend the website I think it will be a good help for my readers too!

Do not forget to tell me in any way what is your opinion about the website!

What I hardly figured out: Mini PCI Express SSD

I have a Dell Mini 9 which are really slow nowdays. So I decided I wanna try to speed up, because it really needs to.

mini pci express ssd for mini 9

I was some infos about this kind of computer able to accept some kind of SSDs, but I was not sure how or when can I pick up the best one.

I was read a lot of article about new kind of SSDs, but I became more and more certain the new type of SSD with SATA can not be good for my netbook.

Fortunately I found the which help a lot for me during the selection process.

Mini Pci-e Express SSD

dell mini 9 mini pci express ssd

So here I found my new drive which is the “KingSpec PATA-Mini PCIe MLC SSD 128GB”.

The 128 gb is more than enough for me, but really fast. Exactly what I need! :)

So if you has a Dell Mini 9 I really recommend this drive!

This video also helps a lot. Here is the full brief of upgrading:

A great surprise for my kid: dinosaur backpack

Are you looking for the best dinosaur backpack on the internet?

Would you like to buy a new backpack for your child as a surprise?

If yes, I would like to suggest you an awesome website which collected the best dinosaurs backpacks for kids!

dinosaur backpack for you


When they made the selection they focused on many different factors which can be very important when you try to find the best choice! They took into account the size, the quality and functionality but also the price.

All dinosaur bags on their site made from good materials so they are very durable and rugged. You can find cute pieces for little kids but there are also very cool and fashionable ones for teenagers and adults as well.

An ideal Dino backpack for a toddler is small and secure, but it provides enough space for little toys. If your child is a dino lover type you can choose for example a plush backpack which can be function as a toy as well.

It can be stated that your child will love it very much and it can her favourite one!

They offer bigger dinosaur bagpacks too which are really cool and unique and they can be use as a schoolbag. These bags are big enough to carry on books and notes so it can be very comfortable when your child has a lots of stuff. Their one of the most popular product is dinosaur backpack with spikes which is really awesome and help your kid to stand out the crowd. But this type of bag can be also good for an adult who likes youthful stuffs!

If you want to choose the greatest dinosaur backpack click the link!

My New IPS Monitor (Best Display Technology)

Recently I buy a new IPS monitor which I think so much better than my old TN panel display.

The colors is vivid compared to the old one. What kind of monitor do you have? Comment it! :)

So I buy this IPS beauty:

Best Ips Monitor - Dell 24"

Ips Monitor – Dell 24″

I am really satisfied with this display but I just use 2 weeks ago.

You know I use a lot of Photoshop and I need the best color quality.

Fortunately I found website which help me a looott!

So if you plan to buy a new monitor, I think the best thing you will buy is an IPS Monitor (The Dell what I buy is actually a really cheap one, maybe in every part of the world is $200-$300)

Anyway pick the best ips monitors with this website and buy a new monitor! :)

If you want to find another Dell monitors click here!

Have a good day!