What I hardly figured out: Mini PCI Express SSD

I have a Dell Mini 9 which are really slow nowdays. So I decided I wanna try to speed up, because it really needs to.mini_pci_express_ssd13426

I was some infos about this kind of computer able to accept some kind of SSDs, but I was not sure how or when can I pick up the best one.

I was read a lot of article about new kind of SSDs, but I became more and more certain the new type of SSD with SATA can not be good for my netbook.

Fortunately I found the MiniPcieSSD.com which help a lot for me during the selection process.

Mini Pci-e Express SSD


So here I found my new drive which is the “KingSpec PATA-Mini PCIe MLC SSD 128GB”.

The 128 gb is more than enough for me, but really fast. Exactly what I need! 🙂

So if you has a Dell Mini 9 I really recommend this drive!

This video also helps a lot. Here is the full brief of upgrading: